Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Drama Review: Inborn Pair 「真愛找麻煩」

One happy family!

So I finally finished this drama recently.

Yes, the actual series ended a while ago but I hadn't been keeping up due to homework and school and friends and etc. But I finally was able to see the end to this drama.

Let me be honest here, I didn't like the end. It was cute, everyone was happy, but it left a lot of open questions. I wanted to see the development with 趙東陽 and other knots that weren't tied.

But I feel like 84 episodes were definitely enough. There were sweet and adorable parts and there were draggy parts. But overall, the drama was really good. Especially for something so ridiculously long, it was able to keep the audience hooked for a long time. If anyone has a ridiculously large amount of time they are willing to spend, you should definitely check Inborn Pair out for kicks and giggles.

Finally, on top of everything, everyone should check out this song. I love Della 丁噹 who is an absolutely amazing singer. And if you watch the drama, you'll understand why this song is so amazing! And even if you haven't watched the drama, this song is equally as amazing! Enjoy!

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